How To Join The YouTube Creator Academy

This post was most recently updated on February 9th, 2021

Hello, Neil Shearing here from with another “Quick YouTube Tip” video for you, this time about joining the YouTube Creator Academy. Please subscribe to my channel to get notifications if you like this video. You’ll find more YouTube tips in a playlist on the channel. 🙂

In this video I want to talk to you about the YouTube creator academy.

Do you know what it is? Do you know how to find it? Have you been through it? Have you got your certificates from taking all the exams? 🙂

So basically, I was hanging around on YouTube looking for tips and tricks, as you do, to grow my views and grow my subscriber count. I have 162 subscribers, which isn’t many, but it is growing because there’s a plus sign next to the number of subscribers, and I’m focussing on that!

162 Youtube channel subscribers!

Although, I do like that “view time” and “watch time” are both greater than 999 percent increase! 😉

Like many of you I’ve gone through YouTube typing in inquiries like “how to improve thumbnails” “how to get more watch time”, “audience retention“, stuff like that, going through, listening to different YouTubers. You pick the ones you like and you watch their videos and they’re promoting tons of stuff to you. I can be overwhelming.

Then today, in the dashboard I saw, “ideas for you make your next production shine”. So you click on “Get Started” and it takes you to the “creator academy“.

I don’t know, maybe everyone else has heard of this. I hadn’t. So if I hadn’t, maybe you haven’t.

YouTube Creator Academy First Impressions

YouTube Creator Academy

It says, “Welcome, Neil, to the Creator Academy”, and you’ve got your community engagement toolkit (“take a look at these tips and tools to connect with your community, explore more”), and then they’ve got these recommended videos for you.

It’s not just videos, they’re organized into tutorials. So you’ve got “the basics” of four lessons, which is 90 minutes, then there are more basics of getting discovered with “your channel optimization” and “is your channel ready to earn money”?

Academy courses recommended for you.

Information In One Place

This is all quite ironic for me because I’ve had my channel since 2007! I’m finally doing stuff with it now, so I need to know the basics, and rather than jumping from YouTuber to YouTuber, taking some information from one and some information from another, and you get redundant information and then they’re trying to sell stuff, this “creator academy” is very useful in everything structured and organized.

So you’ve got here, “explore our courses”, “getting started”, “content strategy”, “production”, “channel optimization”, “business and money”, “policies” and “guidelines”.

Multiple Academy courses available.

You can go through all of those. You can click on “catalogue” and it shows you all the different courses that you can take. And there’s loads.

Get started with this if you haven’t done it already! And then as you go through, you watch the videos, you take a quiz, and then if you pass the quiz, you get a letter of completion and it says, ‘awarded to Neil Shearing for the completion of “during a shoot” February the 6th, 2021’, which is nice, is kind of like a little token that you’ve achieved something, kind of like gamification, that you’ve levelled up slightly on your step towards becoming a proficient YouTube creator.

Letter of course completion.

So I think that’s a really good idea on behalf of YouTube, and I’m going to be going through all of these step by step.

What Do You Think?

Let me know if you think there’s part of it that I should tackle first. If there’s part of it that you found really helpful, leave a comment on the video.

And so this “Quick Tip” video introduced you to the YouTube Creators Academy.

And while it is fun to learn from your other favourite YouTube, there’s a lot of them putting out great content and you can be inspired by their success, I would say this is a great place to get your foundations about how to start and grow and market your channel on YouTube.

So I hope you find this video useful.

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Thanks for watching.