How To Get More YouTube Subscribers In 2021

Neil Shearing here from InternetSuccess with another YouTube tips video for you. Here’s a tip for linking to your YouTube channel to get more YouTube subscribers in 2021.

Now, I presume, you’re not just on YouTube. You’re also on places like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, your own blog and a million other places online. I expect you often link to your YouTube channel and say, “hey, check out my videos”. 🙂

There’s one small piece of code you can add to the end of the link, which will provide an auto prompt when people land on your channel that says, “do you want to subscribe”?

Using that tiny extra piece of code could easily gain you many more YouTube subscribers. It’s much more impactful than asking people to click a “subscribe” button at the end of your videos.

How The YouTube Subscription Prompt Works

So we’re on my blog here, And yes, I know it badly needs a makeover. I have that on my list of to do things! 🙂

There’s a link that says “Click this link to visit my YouTube channel with an auto prompt to subscribe if you’re on desktop”.

An auto-prompt link to get more YouTube subscribers in a blog post.

This only works on desktop. It doesn’t work on mobile. People who click the link on mobile just see a regular standard link to your YouTube channel. But if you’re on desktop and you click this link, this is what happens. A prompt appears which says, “Confirm channel subscription. Are you sure you want to subscribe to Neil Shearing? Cancel or Subscribe”.

Confirm channel subscription prompt at YouTube.

You can click “subscribe” or you click “cancel”. Either way then you’re on the channel and you can follow around and look at the videos.

What auto-prompt code do you need?

I can quickly show you. This is the URL of my YouTube channel…

Channel URL with additional sub_confirmation code added.

The additional code I added to the URL was…


If you don’t know your channel ID, you can visit your YouTube channel to see it in the address bar. If you’re logged into YouTube studio, you can click on your profile icon and then the channel ID will come up in the address bar.

All you do is highlight the address, click “control+C” (or “command+C) to copy it, then simply paste it in somewhere such as Notepad. Next, add at the end this piece of code…


Use the full URL around the Internet to link to your YouTube channel.

How The Auto-Prompt Increases YouTube Subscribers

People on desktop will see the auto prompt that says “would you like to subscribe”, which will increase the number of subscribers that you get for your channel. The auto prompt is more powerful than them just seeing your channel, having to find and click “subscribe” themselves.

You know, having the auto prompt is kind of like when you visit a website and after a while you’re thinking, “yeah, this content is good” and a pop-up appear saying, “Would you like to get our newsletter”, or something like that? And you think, “yeah, OK”!

People who click from your social media accounts or blog to visit your YouTube channel are already warmed up to you. Therefore, they’re more likely to click yes to a subscribe prompt than regular YouTube visitors.

The subscription prompt will mean you’ll get more YouTube subscribers in 2021.

I hope you liked this quick tip for YouTube. If you did, please leave a thumbs up, subscribe, share that kind of thing. Please check out the other blog posts on creating a glowing outline effect for YouTube thumbnails, how to increase audience retention and the Creator Academy.

I hope you enjoy the rest of your day and I’ll talk to you very soon.

Thanks for watching.

Neil Shearing