Skillshare Premium – 2 Free Months! (2019)

This post was most recently updated on March 29th, 2019

How To Get 2-Months’ Skillshare Premium For Free In 2019!2-months-premium-skillshare-free-1

Skillshare often run free promotions for accessing their whole catalogue of 27,000 classes, which they call “Skillshare Premium”.

The best offer I ever saw was for 3 months free premium, which was available in January 2018 and January 2019. I think they knew that many people like to make New Year’s Resolutions to learn new skills, so they offered three months free access to their whole catalogue in order to capture the avalanche of people seeking self-improvement in the New Year.

Unfortunately, that offer didn’t last. If you go to the Skillshare website most times of the year, they’ll offer you just one free month as an incentive to sign up…


However, as Skillshare teachers, we can offer you a special link where you get 2 free months of Skillshare Premium. 🙂 That’s double what you’re offered on the Skillshare homepage!


Note, the link gives you access to a trial of Premium, for which you’ll need to add your credit or debit card details and cancel if you don’t want to be billed after the free 2-months.

However, if you don’t want the 2-month premium trial, here’s how to get a 100% free Skillshare account which you can use with free premium class access links and also watch all the 100% free Skillshare classes…

… and here are several options for getting a totally free premium account, from becoming a teaching assistant to winning a year of premium membership as a prize to getting a scholarship, there are many options!

Helpful links:

We’ve been teaching on Skillshare since the beginning of 2016 and run the two most popular Facebook Groups dedicated to Skillshare. We highly recommend getting a premium Skillshare account and obtaining total, unrestricted access to over 23,000 classes.

In this modern age, it’s almost required to continually develop your own skill-set.

If you’re looking to get hired, it’s important to be at the cutting edge of whatever field you’re looking for employment in. Skillshare classes all contain a project, where you demonstrate what you’ve learned in the class, so you prove to yourself, and perhaps to a potential employer, that you have acquired that particular skill.

If you’re a freelancer, then staying up-to-date with the latest techniques, from coding to graphic design, is very important because you’ll want to be able to bid and win contracts on any project within your field.

Unlike the simple transaction of buying access to an online course, Skillshare lets you pick and choose from thousands of classes, so if one Skillshare class gets dated and is unsupported by the teacher, you simply find a similar one which is newer and has active teacher engagement.

Of course, Skillshare isn’t just about business, you can pick up skills in almost any area of life and learn for pleasure… whether that’s baking, drawing, learning French or how to play the guitar, you get access to everything for less than $100 per year. With the 2-months free Skillshare Premium link on this page, you can try Skillshare for free and see whether or not you like it. 🙂

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