Skillshare New Trending Algorithm Test August 2016

Skillshare New Trending Algorithm Test August 2016

This post was most recently updated on April 3rd, 2019

(update: the trending algorithm has since been updated at Skillshare. We think the same scoring system applies, but the results are probably averaged over a week or two, instead of daily. This change means new classes are far less likely to trend well, and old classes are able to trend indefinitely. Also, free students can no longer review premium classes or submit projects.)

On Monday, 22nd August 2016 Skillshare updated their “trending algorithm”.

By default classes are ranking by trending score at Skillshare, so this change had a huge impact on how many students classes could attract.

We spent Tuesday, 23rd August analysing the changes, and by Tuesday evening we’d released a class explaining how we thought the algorithm had changed, and how Skillshare teachers could adapt.

However, we released the new class in a way that tested the new algorithm. Since the change, could we get a class to trend with just a small number of students?

So we released the class as “premium members only”, hoping to be able to share some data with you about whether it trended well or not. The results are in the video!

Watch the Skillshare class itself for our analysis of the new trending algorithm, and what to do to adapt to it. If you’re a Premium Skillshare member, you can take the class for free. If not, you can join as a Premium member and get 2-months access for free, and have access to all 7,000 23,000 classes on Skillshare, including all of ours. 🙂

The class is currently trending 6th, out of all 7,000 classes on Skillshare, so it is possible to get a class to trend after the algorithm change, with very few students!

Reviews of the class, all within 48 hours…

Adwin Ang

Thorough and insightful as always!”
Dawid Tuminski

Great and useful info! I didn’t even know the free links I was giving out were part of the score!!! The new theory is super motivating to dig down even deeper in creating my classes.”
Chris V

Very helpful class. really shed some light on the recent changes.”
Sebastiaan Destellirer

“Neil really made a great class on the recent updates from Skillshare. I think this is very helpful for any Skillshare Instructor that wants to be successful on this platform.”
Sorin Constantin

“Another helpful class by Linda and Neil. This was a really insightful look into the trending algorithm (new and old) and gives good food for thought. Thanks so much!”
Lauren Lapointe

Neil’s classes are fabulous and this one has been extremely helpful again. Thanks so much for always keeping us up-to-date, Neil! :-)”
Nathalie De Ahna

Useful information!”
Alison Kolesar

Great info!”
Lisa Palmer

“Great Class .. thanks Neil .. I also believe that the new algo works the same way
Sunil Gupta

“Very useful information and a “must-watch” class for all teachers! Thanks!”
Manoj V

“Thanks for another fantastic course. Your courses are always packed with so much information. Everyone should watch this course.”
Mike Ingram

“This is another must-watch class in this excellent series. Thank you Neil, for getting this class out so quickly!”
David Ault

“Always great classes with valuable information. If you’re a Skillshare instructor you should watch this!”
Jeremy Deighan

really interesting, current and up to date information
Philip Campbell