Skillshare – New Teacher Bonus Changes

Skillshare – New Teacher Bonus Changes

This post was most recently updated on March 29th, 2019

(update: the current Teach Challenge competition details are here)

Do you remember the Skillshare “New Teacher Bonus“? 

In 2016 someone wanting to teach at Skillshare could get a cash bonus of up to $200. All they had to do was create a new class in a specific category along with a few other minor requirements such as post a project in the “Teaching A Great Skillshare Class” class and provide a comment or piece of feedback on a fellow participant’s project in the same class. In addition to the cash prize, new teachers who met the conditions would also get a year of Skillshare Premium for free.

Since then the $200 cash bonus for specific categories was dropped and the reward became $100 cash across all categories. Skillshare then changed the bonus cash to a “guaranteed $100“, meaning they only “topped up” what you earned in your first month to a maximum of $100.

Other requirements were also added, such as referring a premium member and getting 10 premium signups in your new class. Finally, the requirement of being invited was added.
Many people were unhappy that a successful new teacher who earned $100 in their first month wouldn’t get a bonus under the “guaranteed $100” system.

The New “New Teacher Bonus”…

Skillshare New Teacher Bonus, Guaranteed Payment, Matched Bonus

Now it appears that the offer has been changed. Instead of a “guaranteed $100”, Skillshare will “match your royalties” up to $100…

Skillshare Match Royalty Bonus Rules

So, in the past, $5 would be “topped up” to $100, costing Skillshare $95. Now $5 will be “matched” by $5, saving Skillshare $90.

On the other hand, in the past, someone earning $100 or more in royalties would earn nothing extra from the “guarantee” offer, but would now get an extra $100 from the “match” offer, costing Skillshare an extra $100.

I think this probably saves Skillshare money overall. I can imagine many more people earn less than $50 in their first month, than those who earn more than $50, which is the point at which Skillshare would pay out more under the new system.
However, I do like the idea. It rewards those who do well and earn money, rather than preferentially rewarding those who earn less. It will also stop people who were cheating the system by earning $1 and getting it topped up to $100.

Non-Invite Offer

The “matched royalty bonus” described above is only for people who are invited. What if you’re not invited to teach on Skillshare?

Well, you could contact them and ask for an invite. 🙂

Alternatively, you could take part in the “non-invite offer”, known as the “VIP New Teacher Challenge”, which has similar requirements to fulfil, but instead of rewarding you with a “matched bonus payment”, you’d get a “year of premium” for free.

It seems that Skillshare have separated out the cash payment part of the original “New Teacher Bonus” from the bonus year of premium into two different offers. There’s now a “matched royalty bonus” offer, by invitation only, and a “free year of Premium” offer, which is open to everyone.

Thoughts…? Please leave a comment.

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