Skillshare January 2019 Premium Discount Offer

This post was most recently updated on February 15th, 2019

Sorry, this 2019 New Year offer has ended.

The current best Skillshare premium offer is listed on our dedicated page. 🙂

Skillshare - 2019 New Year Offer
Skillshare – 2019 New Year Offer

For The New Year, January 2019, Skillshare will be offering three months’ access to Skillshare Premium for just $0.99.

Start Your New Year With A Bang

When people make New Year’s Resolutions, they often involve learning a new skill such as bakery, painting, a foreign language or something similar, in addition to getting fit and shifting the weight of those Christmas mince pies! Where better to start a New Year’s learning resolution than Skillshare, with their premium membership offering complete access to their entire catalogue of classes, especially when you can get three months’ access for just 99c!

The Best Skillshare Premium Deal

Three months’ access for 99c is the best discount you can get for Skillshare Premium. In 2018 I think the offer was made just three times… once in January, once for a “back to school” promotion and for one day on Cyber Monday. If you miss out on the 3-months deal, you can follow a teacher’s referral link to any of their classes to get 2-months for free, an offer which has been running for over a year.

Is Skillshare Premium Right For You?

Why should you take up Skillshare’s 2019 New Year offer? Well, quite simply, it gives you a long time to evaluate your premium membership and decide whether you’d like to continue after the three months expires.

Some people prefer to learn online by taking a single “masterclass” and paying for it once. While that is an option, it can be hard to know how well you’ll like the delivery style of the teacher in advance, and if you’re going to sit through a dozen hours of tutorials by one person, you really need to enjoy their style of teaching! Also, very few teachers will update masterclasses regularly due to the work involved, so parts can often be out of date. The problem for a new student is knowing which parts are old and which are current!

Another way of learning online is the “buffet” or “all you can eat” approach offered by Skillshare Premium. The classes are usually more “bite sized” than a “masterclass”, you can expect them to be more like 30 minutes long than 12 hours, so you can learn when you have a chunk of time available here and there.

Also, it’s easier for teachers to make new 30-minute classes than create or overhaul a masterclass, so there’s often newer information available from teachers. You can dip in and out of classes by all the teachers on the platform, so you can find a teacher whose presentation style you enjoy before “committing” to watching more of their classes.

Finally, you can learn different subjects by different teachers all for the same monthly cost. There are about 24,000 classes on Skillshare, of which about 23,000 are premium classes. When you’re a premium member, you can choose to watch any of the classes at any time. Obviously, that’s a lot of classes, and a period of three months gives you a decent amount of time to check the quality of classes on offer as well as the depth of the know-how available on the platform.

Advantages Of Premium Membership

The main benefit of Skillshare Premium is that you can watch any of the content on Skillshare, at any time.

Premium members can also leave class reviews for the teacher, post class projects and start class discussions.

If you take the annual membership, you also get access to premium perks, which currently are…

    • 20% off any plan of $50+ value at Shutterstock
    • Save 10% on HD and 4K Video at POND5
    • 25% off annual subscription at Filestage
    • 13% off Adobe Acrobat Pro
    • 20% off Adobe Premier Pro CC
    • 15% off Adobe Creative Cloud
    • 10% Off Your First Purchase at Squarespace
    • $75 Credit at Breather
    • 50% Off Annual Subscriptions at Noun Project
    • 20% Off Your First Purchase at Creative Market
    • Free 6 month Professional license at Invision
    • 10% off Solo plan at Harvest
    • 40% off Freedom Annual Membership

    Premium members can also download classes to their mobile devices and watch them without an online connection.

    Free Skillshare Membership

    If you don’t want to be re-billed at the end of 3-months, you’ll need to cancel your trial of premium. You’ll then become a “free” member, and will lose access to the premium content on Skillshare. You’ll stop being able to leave reviews, post projects and start class discussions. You’ll only have access to the 1,000 free classes on the platform, unless you manage to get “free access links” (commonly known as coupons or codes) given out by teachers of premium classes, which you can use to watch individual premium classes. However, you can teach and earn money on Skillshare, even as a free member.

    Terms Of The New Year Skillshare Offer

    Skillshare have recently introduced new terms for their promotional offers. It’s likely that this 2019 offer will be for new premium members only, so anyone who has previously had a trial of premium won’t be able to make use of the offer. When you join, you’ll be required to enter credit card or PayPal details, and you’ll be billed £0.99 immediately, and then re-billed at the end of the three months’ free access. If you choose to pay monthly, you’ll pay either $15 per month, or $99 for a year (which works out at about half the monthly fee, at just $8.25 per month equivalent).

    What’s The Coupon Code, Or Discount Code?

    There won’t be a coupon code, or discount code for this offer. When offers are restricted, such as only being sent by email, you’ll have to enter a coupon code to redeem them, but this offer is not restricted. It’s going to be promoted by email, but also on the website for anyone to join, without a coupon being needed.