Current Skillshare Deals, Discounts And Offers

This post was most recently updated on March 29th, 2019

Click here for the currently active, best Skillshare deal (March 2019).

Skillshare 2019 New Year Promo Offer (expired)

New Year (January 2019) Offer. We have full details!

Skillshare Cyber Monday 2018 OfferΒ  (expired)

Skillshare are having a Cyber Monday sale, for today only. This offer is a return of their best offer of the year… 3 months of Skillshare Premium for just 99c.

You don’t need a coupon for this offer. Just click here to visit the Skillshare website and you should see a banner, as shown in the video, saying, “Cyber Monday offer, 3 months Skillshare Premium for 99c, click here to redeem”.

Note there are some restrictions such as previous Premium members can’t use deal, even if they only had a previous Premium trial.

Finally, Skillshare now accept PayPal, so you can pay for the trial with PayPal if you previously had problems paying with a credit card. At the moment, for some reason, PayPal is not available to users from India.

Skillshare Black Friday 2018 Deal (expired)

Skillshare are having a Black Friday sale offer in 2018. Until 11:59 pm GMT (UTC) on 25th November 2018, you can get a 40% discount on their annual membership of Skillshare Premium.

This is actually the same as their Black Friday offer in 2017. However, it appears that the terms and conditions of the deal have changed. This year’s offer is not open to anyone who previously had a premium membership… even a premium trial. It also can’t be combined with other offers and isn’t available to mobile plans.

This Black Friday offer, as far as I know, is only available by email. It’s not mentioned on their website or their Facebook Page. So I don’t know if I can share it publicly. What I suggest is signing up for a free account at Skillshare, which only requires an email address, and then hopefully you’ll be emailed about the Black Friday offer or it will be promoted to you at the website when you log in.

Note, with a free Skillshare account you can watch over 1,000 classes at the website, and also watch any premium classes which you have a free access link for. You can get a lot of these free access links at our Facebook Group called Skillshare Free Classes.

If you’d just like a premium Skillshare trial, read on… πŸ™‚

Skillshare Premium Account: Current Offer (March 2019)

Skillshare website: ONE month of unlimited access (which means a 1-month trial of Skillshare Premium).

One Month Free Premium - Skillshare Website
One Month Free Premium – Skillshare Website

Teachers offer: TWO months’ of free Skillshare access (which means a 2-month trial of Skillshare Premium).

Two Month's Free Skillshare Premium Offer
Two Month’s Free Skillshare Premium Offer

Getting two months of Skillshare Premium for free is about the best deal Skillshare make. Only rarely have I seen a three-month offer, usually in January. The offers in January 2017 and 2018 were both actually “3 months for $0.99”, so they weren’t technically free offers.

I’m not even sure they’ll make a 3-month offer again because it absolutely hammered the earnings of teachers. The value per premium minute fell by over a third from December 2017 to January 2018 because so many free trial members started watching premium classes, but hadn’t contributed to the royalty pool from which Skillshare pays teachers.

Value of a premium minute
Value of a premium minute

In other words, a teacher who got 10,000 premium minutes in December would’ve earned $590, but in January those same 10,000 premium minutes would’ve earned $380. Naturally, teachers weren’t very impressed, which makes me wonder if Skillshare will offer a 3-month premium deal in January 2019.

The premium trial gives you full access to over 27,000 premium classes on Skillshare for two months. You can cancel the trial at any time and not be billed. If you choose to continue as a premium member, the cost is credit card billing of just $15 per month or $99 per year. Note, the yearly offer is a huge discount and almost halves the cost of membership, to an equivalent of just $8.25 per month!

Skillshare premium is one of the best-value offers on the Internet, especially when you consider that buying just one course on the website of a large competitor costs a minimum of $10, and it’s often significantly more if you don’t buy during a sale. If you take more than one class on Skillshare per month, you’re getting a better deal!

Helpful Notes:

Skillshare do not offer refunds. If you don’t want to be re-billed, be sure to make a note of when you need to cancel by.

Skillshare only accept credit cards. I’m not sure why that is. They actually pay their teachers using PayPal, but don’t accept it for membership payments, which is a bit odd. You’ll need a credit card to start a free trial, and to continue a membership afterwards.

Some people claim to be able to offer 3-months of free Skillshare premium. The offers I’ve seen are dated, so I suggest not wasting your time trying to find a working one. Unless Skillshare are offering a unique deal somewhere, the offer on the website and the offer teachers can make are the current genuine ones.

You don’t need to be a premium member to teach on Skillshare, in case you were wondering! πŸ™‚

If you don’t want a free trial of premium there are a few ways to get a premium account for free. Click here for our blog post about the different ways. πŸ™‚

If you have questions about Skillshare, we’ve got a jumbo Skillshare FAQ right here! πŸ™‚