Skillshare Crash Course

Skillshare Crash Course

This post was most recently updated on June 18th, 2018

Here at InternetSuccess, we’re all about achieving success online. To us, that means making money and getting personal satisfaction from offering quality digital products that customers enjoy.

One of the places we offer our digital information is Skillshare.

In face, we enjoy Skillshare so much, we’ve created classes explaining how you can create and make money from your own Skillshare classes.

We called these classes our “Skillshare Crash Course”. Here are the classes we’ve created so far. You can get free access to all these classes at the moment, but that may change at any time.


“How To Start Your First Skillshare Class”…

Sometimes it can seem difficult to know where to begin when creating a Skillshare class.

We’ve been creating “how to” guides since 1997 (nearly 20 years!) and we’ll walk you through the process of creating a Skillshare class, step-by-step.

We’ll show you what you need and then how do do it!

From how to brainstorm a class, to how to record your screen with demos of Camtasia, and the free alternatives Screencast-o-matic and Open Broadcasting Software.

From microphone tips to editing video, from class meta-data to the important first class image, we cover a huge amount in this quality course.  Join this class for free!

“How To Earn Money On Skillshare”…

In this class we take a close look at the different ways you can earn money on Skillshare, from premium enrollments to bonus payments and referral payments.

We also look at how much money other teachers on Skillshare are earning, and how much you could potentially earn!

Recently, Skillshare changed the algorithm for calculating teacher’s earnings. Don’t miss out on the latest information… take this class today for free. 🙂


“How To Get More Skillshare Followers”…

The Skillshare platform is built around followers. Every teacher needs to know why followers are so important to your Skillshare success and how to get more followers.

This class teaches you what followers are, why they’re important and several ways to get more followers, from releasing more classes, promoting your classes, leveraging the platform and encouraging engagement.

This class is one of several we’ve created to help you understand the Skillshare platform and be as successful as possible on it.

To enroll for free, click here!


“Get More Visitors: “Trending” Explained!”…

Do you have a Skillshare class, but are mystified by the “trending” algorithm?

Do you wonder how to get on a “trending” page?

Do you want to get higher up a “trending” page?

If so, this class is for you!

You’ll find out what trending is, why it’s important, how to get a trending score and how to trend higher!

Hopefully soon your classes will be trending higher and you’ll get more enrollments!

Join this class for free.

“Discover Skillshare Tutorials”…

Are you a Skillshare teacher?

Do you want to discover a little-known way to get quick and easy, free publicity for your class?

If so, you need to sign up for this class and learn about “Skillshare Tutorials”.

In this class you’ll learn what Skillshare tutorials are, what the benefits of creating tutorials are, and how to create a Skillshare tutorial, with a case-study.

Join the class for free! 🙂


“Free Promotion For Your Premium Skillshare Class!”

Are you a Skillshare teacher?

If so, we want to help you get more enrollments in your Premium Skillshare class!

Promote your class for free in our Facebook Group, the largest dedicated to Skillshare !


So, there you have it. Our entire “crash course” for succeeding on Skillshare. What do you think? Is there a topic I’ve missed?

One of the things I think Skillshare could do better is have more interaction with teachers and potential teachers. I’ve written about it here… “how to contact Skillshare“. I’ve also written a blog post about how much money you could potentially earn on Skillshare. Interestingly, Skillshare just released new stats. They say that their top 100 teachers earn $1,300 per month, which is about $15,600 per year. That’s not a bad income for publishing digital courses. 🙂

I’ve also published two tutorials on Skillshare relating to succeeding on Skillshare. You can find them here, and here.

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