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This post was most recently updated on May 20th, 2019

Welcome to our Skillshare Tips page.

Here we’ll list all the Skillshare info, tools and tips we have on this blog… 🙂

Our 2019 Skillshare Review

In this detailed review, available as a blog post and a video, we look at Skillshare from the point of view of teachers, students and the overall health of the platform. It builds on our 2018 review. 🙂

How Much Can I Earn On Skillshare?

An in-depth look at how much potential their is for making money on Skillshare. There’s no short answer to this question, so I wrote an in-depth one! 🙂

Current Skillshare Deals And Discounts

Skillshare make many offers during the year, such as Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Back to School, teachers’ offers and Skillshare website promotions. We let you know which offers are best, and which are currently active. Most of the time, these deals will be for a free trial of premium, such as one month free (standard), two months free (offered by teachers) or three months free (a rare offer, last made on Cyber Monday). The Black Friday deal is only once per year and is for a 40% discount on an annual membership.

Current Skillshare Competitions

I’ve created a page listing current competitions at Skillshare. At the time of writing you could win a year of Skillshare Premium just for creating a project in a class!

How To Get A 100% Free Skillshare Account

A 100% free account only requires an email address, no payment details at all, and lets you watch over 1,000 free classes at Skillshare, as well as redeem free links for premium classes. As a free member you can also teach, but you can’t leave reviews, post projects, take part in workshops or create community discussions.

How To Get Skillshare Premium Free

Yes, there are several legitimate ways to get a Premium Skillshare account free. We do not recommend any methods that break Skillshare’s terms and conditions.

100 Free Premium Skillshare Courses

On this page you can get 100+ Skillshare Premium courses for free. Every link was posted to our Facebook Group in 2019.

Our Skillshare FAQ

A massive 55 questions and answers you may have about Skillshare, all on one searchable page! 🙂

Information about the new Skillshare Review System.

Some dramatic changes were made to Skillshare’s simplistic “thumbs up or down, optional comment” review system. It’s now more complicated and offers teachers greater insights from the feedback. But will students use it…?

Are Skillshare’s search results broken?

Contrary to how almost every search engine works, Skillshare now return more results when you add more keywords to your search phrase. They also use truncation and substitution to return even more results. It means popular classes are show more often, but with less relevance. Is that what premium members want…?

Our Skillshare Success Blueprint (see below)
It’s a bit dated now, but you may still find it interesting…

Not on this blog, but run by us…

Skillshare Free Classes (promotional group).
Our Facebook Group with over 8,000 members. Post your free access links here to gain class students.

Skillshare Mastermind (discussion group)
With almost 4,000 members, this group is about all things Skillshare-related and is the place to ask your questions. (no promotion please)

My YouTube channel often has videos about Skillshare, if you prefer video. 🙂

I answer questions on Reddit as “UnofficialSkillshare“. 🙂

I also answer Skillshare questions on Quora as Neil Shearing.

You can also visit my Skillshare profile to see what I teach there. 🙂

Our Skillshare Success Blueprint

The “Unofficial Skillshare Success Blueprint” is a 54-page PDF ebook containing FREE enrollment links for all our Skillshare marketing classes (21 so far!), a deeply discounted enrollment link to our 8-hour Skillshare course on Udemy and a FAQ section of 43 questions and answers (the FAQ is also here, but the PDF download may be more convenient!).

Here’s what the class breakdown looks like…


Unofficial Skillshare Success Blueprint
Unofficial Skillshare Success Blueprint

… that’s 21 classes, totalling 8+ hours of quality video tutorials! On Skillshare these classes have gained a combined 312 positive reviews!

The most up-to-date version of this ebook will always be available to download from this page, and only this page! 🙂

You can re-distribute the Blueprint as you wish, providing it remains unaltered and free of charge. Please provide a link to this webpage so that people can always get the latest version. Thanks! 🙂

To get your free copy of the Blueprint, please join our new “digital entrepreneur” mailing list, and we’ll send the download link to your email. Please use your primary email, to ensure you get the download link! 🙂 (we’ve run mailing lists since 1997, you may unsubscribe at any time)

  • 18th October 2016: Skillshare-Success-Blueprint version 1-8  (added two new classes, added three questions to the FAQ, bringing the total to 43)
  • 1st October 2016: Skillshare-Success-Blueprint version 1-7  (added two new classes, added three questions to the FAQ, bringing the total to 39)
  • 19th September 2016: Skillshare-Success-Blueprint version 1-6  (added another new class, added three questions to the FAQ, bringing the total to 36)
  • 15th September 2016: Skillshare-Success-Blueprint version 1-5  (added another new class, added three questions to the FAQ, bringing the total to 33)
  • 9th September 2016: Skillshare-Success-Blueprint version 1-4  (added another new class, added four questions to the FAQ, bringing the total to 30)
  • 2nd September 2016: Skillshare-Success-Blueprint version 1-3 (added another new class, re-ordered the classes into sections and created the diagram, above, to show the class layout)
  • 31st August 2016: Skillshare-Success-Blueprint1-2 (added a new class, premium links to all classes, re-ordered the classes to “newest first”, updated the follower count and added two questions to the FAQ)
  • 25th August 2016: Skillshare-Success-Blueprint1-1 (added two new Skillshare classes, a version change tracker and a FAQ question)
  • 19th August 2016: Skillshare-Success-Blueprint.

Update: Skillshare have purged many “marketing” classes, including a few of mine. The removal wasn’t due to class quality, but due to Skillshare simply deciding they no longer wanted classes on specific topics. I apologise if you wanted to see a specific class which was removed. If you have any questions which are unanswered due to the removal of a class, just send me a message via the Contact Form, or in the Facebook Group. 🙂