JVZoo Announces Zapier Integration

JVZoo Announces Zapier Integration

JVZoo, the popular platform for selling digital products continues to add new features to its service. The latest integration is with Zapier, the service which allows you to connect different apps to automate tasks and boost your productivity.

I currently use Zapier to connect my Zenler school to GetResponse, so that anyone signing up for the school is added to a specific email list at GetResponse.

There are over 1,000 web-apps that Zapier connects to, from Gmail to Twitter and Facebook Pages to Survey Monkey.

I love the idea of Zapier. Instead of multiple different “front end” services all trying to connect with multiple other “back end” services, Zapier stands in the middle and directs the data flow. So when one “back end” service changes its API, only Zapier needs to update instead of all the multiple “front end” services.

So now JVZoo have said…

“We’re really excited to announce our integration with Zapier has entered its public phase, bringing our users the full power of more than 750 applications.

Zapier helps all of your apps work together. A Zap is an automated workflow that connects two or more apps. When something happens in one app, an action is triggered in another. Zaps can be simple or sophisticated; now they can be created with JVZoo.”

Some potential integration ideas are…

  • Send Slack notifications when JVZoo products are sold
  • Add new contacts to Infusionsoft from JVZoo product sales
  • Add a new Asana task to contact customer on JVZoo refund
  • Update JVZoo sales count in Google Sheets
  • Add new JVZoo product sales to Quickbooks Online as customers
  • Add customers to a MailChimp list from JVZoo product refunds

… you could even link JVZoo and SMS to receive a text message on your phone when you make a sale!

I think this could be really useful, and will look into selling products on JVZoo using Zapier backend integrations. I already have accounts at both places. 🙂

Are you currently using Zapier? If so, what tasks are you automating using the service…?

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