This post was most recently updated on February 7th, 2021

Welcome to “InternetSuccess.com”, the home of Neil Shearing online. 🙂

Since 1997 I’ve been helping people achieve their goals by providing online marketing advice and products. Now, in 2021, I’d like to help you achieve your online goals.

In the video below you can find out my digital history, which has periods of success you may find interesting. If you have anything I can help you with, please leave a comment on the video.

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I’ve been creating, marketing and selling digital products since 1997… yes, for over 20 years!

Having an online business is a fun and rewarding challenge. From minute to minute you can be re-evaluating how you provide value to others, what it is you do, and what direction you want to go in.

Fortunately, being the sole person in charge of a micro business means you can adapt and change gears more rapidly than any other business. The challenge is retaining the energy and enthusiasm to stay current in an every-changing environment. 

As someone who used Infoseek as their default search engine before Google was available, and before YouTube and Facebook were even dreamed of, I’ve encountered years when the demands of an online business were too much for me, so I backed away.

Fortunately, the energy and drive has been rediscovered and a time of reinvention is happening! I’ve chosen to re-build on YouTube because that’s the perfect platform to build an audience. People can find you 24/7, hear your voice, see your face and note the value you offer for free. If you’re just starting out, it’s a great time to begin.

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