Skillshare FAQ: Can I Estimate My Skillshare Earnings?

Skillshare FAQ: Can I estimate my Skillshare earnings?

Yes, but only if you track your enrollments. Note, your number of “followers” is not a good gauge of revenue if you give away free enrollments. Even if you don’t offer free enrollments, one follower can take multiple classes of yours and thereby throw off any earnings estimate.

Here’s the best way to estimate earnings. Find the number for total enrollments in a class, then subtract the total of free enrollments that have been redeemed. The remaining number is the amount of premium enrollments in that class. If you have multiple classes, repeat the process for each class, then total up the premium enrollments. Skillshare pays between $1 and $2 per enrollment, so you can multiply your premium enrollments by $1.5 for an average.

For example, if your 10 classes had 1200 enrollments in June, and 200 free enrollments were redeemed, your total Premium enrollments would be 1000. If you multiply that by $1.5 per Premium enrollment, you can “guesstimate” the earnings for June at $1,500.

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