Your Internet Success Starts Here…

OK, here’s how I see the situation…

You either have an Internet-based business, or want to start one. You want to grow your online business by increasing your traffic, leads and revenue.

There are many, many different ways to generate traffic and leads online. There are also many ways to monetise your prospects. I can help you with several different strategies to grow your online business that are up-to-date and very effective.

Before I delve into the strategies, let me show you that I have experience and can help. After all, anyone can write a web-page saying they’re an expert, but are they really? Here’s a quick “elevator pitch” of my story.

I started selling my own digital product back in 1997, and earned my first profit from the first sale. Yes, I “bootstrapped” my business with zero investment apart from having a dial-up Internet connection. I taught myself HTML, created a sales-letter web-page, created and uploaded an electronic document (this was way before people called them “ebooks”), and sold it via a “third party processor”, which meant that they only took a commission on sales, so I had zero risk. I also registered my first domain name and started building my first mailing list in 1997. So, I think that ticks the box marked “experience”. :) Since then I’ve sold well over a million dollars of my own informational products and software, from ebooks and video products to membership sites and WordPress plugins. I’ve run my own affiliate program of about 15,000 affiliates, created dozens of websites and made thousands of dollars as an affiliate of other people’s products, selling everying from info-products to patio paving stones. So I think that ticks the “success” box.

The next step is helping YOU. I like taking complicated systems and boiling them down into step-by-step tutorials. So, let’s begin. I am creating Udemy tutorials for multiple methods of traffic generation, but first I need to know if you have a domain name yet? If not, check out my free course called “Getting a domain name and web hosting”.