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Ever since we started our first newsletter back in 1997, we've emailed out free hints and tips about ways to get traffic and make money on a shoestring budget. We've also published free information at our blog since 2006.

But everyone knows that scientists love a "secret lab" where they do crazy experiments!

This is where the "cutting edge action" happens. It's where we explain the newest findings and breakthroughs. It's also where our evergreen tutorials for growing traffic and making money are stored and updated. Finally, it's where people get the chance to pick our brains, which isn't something we offer to many people.

I opened the Secret Lab at the beginning of July. Since then, I've added 103 new video tutorials!

Our main aim is to build niche affiliate sites from scratch. I've made 26 videos on that topic. We also have "Case Studies" where we look at other ways to make money online such as...

  • Making money from Kindle (25 videos)
  • Generating affiliate income directly from Twitter (11 videos)
  • A 2nd way to make affiliate income (5 videos)
  • Adsense income vs selling physical items (12 videos)
  • Making money by creating and selling software (18 videos)

There are also several "Question + Answer" videos where I answer questions sent in by members.

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