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Since 1997, we've been selling digital products online. With a wealth of experience in everything from SEO to WordPress to product launches, we want to help you achieve Internet Success.

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Skillshare – New Teacher Bonus Changes

Do you remember the Skillshare “New Teacher Bonus“?  In 2016 someone wanting to teach at Skillshare could get a cash bonus of up to $200. All they had to do was create a new class in a specific category along with a few other minor requirements such as post a project in the “Teaching A Great Skillshare […]

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How To Watch Premium Skillshare Courses For Free

Discover several ways to watch premium Skillshare courses for free… Watch the video version of this blog post here… I’ve been teaching on Skillshare for over a year, and run two of the most popular Skillshare-dedicated Facebook Groups, one for promotion of Skillshare classes using free access links and one for Skillshare-related discussions. One question […]

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Skillshare Changes In 2017

Wow, there have been some enormous changes at Skillshare in the first weeks of 2017 which massively change the platform. Let’s look at them… The Payment Model Change Skillshare used to pay teachers “per premium enrollment”. When a premium member enrolled in a teacher’s premium class, that counted as one premium enrollment. The amount paid […]

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