Your Internet Success Starts Here…


Do you either have an Internet-based business, or want to start one?

We can help!

Let’s start at the beginning…

Step One: Deciding between “free” hosting and paid hosting. For example, choose between taking “free hosting” at or using the free scripts from at a commercial web-host. I have a Udemy course to help you answer that question… (clicking the link activates a coupon saving you $10, meaning the course is just $9)





Step Two: Choose a domain-name. It’s not as easy as you may think. Fortunately, I have a Udemy course to help you here too!”Domain Name Essentials” is just $9 with the coupon code already embedded in the links from this page, saving you $10! :)





Step Three: Choose a web-host. Sometimes the list of options from web-hosts can be overwhelming… not to mention you have to choose an account type as well as decide which web-hosting features you’d like! Don’t worry! I have a Udemy course to help you decide which web-host account and features are best for you… “Web hosting Essentials“, which is just $17 with the coupon code embedded in the links on this page, saving you $12!

how to choose a web host